Monster Bash FRVR


monster bash frvrMonster Bash FRVR is fun baseball batting game online in which you will become a cute monster with big horns and sharp teeth. Your objective is to hit the ball using your bat and make it fly as far as possible. Watch the arrow as it moves up and down. Click or tap on the screen to choose the direction of your shot. Click or tap once again to shoot the ball. You will have to swing your bat at the right moment to launch the ball in the perfect trajectory. Once the ball has been launched, it will bounce off other monsters and objects in your surroundings. If the ball reaches a certain distance, you will unlock a new world. The progress is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You will collect coins and bonuses as you play the game. Use the earned coins to buy more powerful bats, balls and some cool cosmetics for your character. In the Monster Bash FRVR game, you can wear various accessories such as baseball caps and sunglasses.

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