Miniclip Allstar Baseball


miniclip allstar baseballMiniclip Allstar Baseball is a new baseball match game online brought to you by Miniclip. Are your ready to become an all star baseball player? Select either the Squirrels or the Turkeys team and start playing. In this game, you will be able to play at multiple different positions of the squad. As a batter, move your mouse to control your bat. Follow the red circle which will indicate the directory of the pitch. Click at the right moment to swing your bat and try to score home runs. For running, click on the bases to run or return to the base. As a pitcher, move your mouse inside the rectangle and click anywhere to throw the ball at the opposition’s batter. Strike them three times and they are out. Stop the opponent runners from getting on the base. For fielding, click to pass the ball and click to touch. The score of the match is displayed on the top left of the screen. The number of balls, outs and strikes all shown below the score table.

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