Google Doodle Cricket


google doodle cricketGoogle Doodle Cricket is now available on our Baseball Games website! Have you enjoyed playing the 4th of July Google Doodle game online? Then you will love this title! In the Google Doodle Cricket game, you will have a chance to play a cricket match with cute animals. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Your objective is to hit the ball that has been thrown at you and score points. Watch the pitcher as he throws the ball and try to time your swing perfectly. Once you are ready to perform a swing, click your left mouse button. When you successfully hit the ball with your bat, both of your players will start running around the field until one of the opponents gets the ball and returns it back to the pitcher. You will earn points for every successful hit. The amount of earned points depends on the power of your shot and the number of runs your players manage to complete. If you miss the ball, the game is over.

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