Google Doodle Baseball


google doodle baseballGoogle Doodle Fourth of July 2019 is a popular sports game online made by the most famous search engine and it is now available on our free baseball games website! Celebrate the 4th of July U.S. Independence Day with this fun little browser game featuring classic American snacks playing baseball! You will play as a hot dog, hamburger, pop corn, slice of pizza and other foods. Watch the pitcher make a throw, bat the ball and run around the field to score points. Hit the ball perfectly to score home runs. If you miss the ball, it’s a strike. If you miss three times, you’re out and the game is over! In the Google Doodle Baseball game, there are various types of pitches that are indicated by different colors. The green and blue ones are slow and easy to hit, while the purple and yellow ones are faster and harder. When you see red color above the pitcher, be ready for a super-strong pitch that is much faster and harder to hit than others.

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