Good Baseball


good baseballGood Baseball is a fun little batting game online with cool retro graphics and addicting gameplay. You become a batter whose objective is to launch the ball as far as possible. Watch the pitcher as he throws the ball towards your position and press the space bar at the right moment to perform a swing. You will have to react as precisely as you can, or you will miss the ball. If the throw is very slow, wait for a while and hold your space bar before the ball reaches your bat. If the throw is too fast, just press the space bar as quickly as you can, so you can hit the ball in time. If you make a successful hit, you will earn points depending on how far you have launched the ball. You will earn less points if you hit the field and more points if you score a homerun. If you miss the ball, it will be a strike. If you miss too many times, it will be a game over! Let’s see how well you can hit the ball in this unique batting game online called Good Baseball!

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