Extreme Baseball


extreme baseballExtreme Baseball is a fun baseball batting game online in which your objective is to shoot down opponent players and collect baseball cards. Pick up your bat and take down as many opponents as you can, as quickly as possible. While doing so, you will also have to aim at the baseball cards scattered around the field. Collecting them will increase your final score. You will earn stars after each level depending on how fast and accurate you were. Hit all opponents and baseball cards with the least possible number of balls to get three stars. Move your mouse to aim. Click to swing your bat. The ball can be easily bounced of the walls for multiple hits. There is no time limit in the game, but you only have 5 balls left to play with. If you have aimed poorly and missed all your shots, you can restart the level by clicking on the retry button. In the Extreme Baseball game online, there are 24 challenging levels, can you complete them all?

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