Bugs Bunny Batter Up


bugs bunny batter upIn the Bugs Bunny Batter Up baseball game online, you take the role of the famous cartoon character Bugs Bunny and your goal is to help him become a batter. There is no ball in this game and you will need to watch out for Wile E. Coyote’s grenades as he throws them towards you! Make use of your reflexes and follow the pitcher’s moves as he jumps from lane to lane. Try to hit the grenades with your bat and send them back to the pitcher. Every time you hit a grenade and send it back, you score points. If you are too slow and miss a grenade, it’s a strike. If you miss two more times, you’re out and the game is over. Use your A,D keys or swipe left and right to change Bugs Bunny’s lanes. Click or tap anywhere to swing your bat. Tap Squeaks for help and bonus scores as he throws grenades at Wile E. Coyote. Can you hit all the grenades and become the best desert batter in this cool baseball game online called Bugs Bunny Batter Up?

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