Big League Chew


big league chewBig League Chew is a cool baseball batting game inspired by the famous animated movie called Everyone’s Hero. You will be playing baseball on a backyard with Marti. Pick a target on the screen and click on it. There are multiple targets such as bottles, buckets and traffic signs. Watch the accuracy meter located at the bottom left. Hit your space bar once the bat is close to the blue arrow (sweet spot) for the perfect swing. Wait for Marti, who will be pitching the ball. Once she throws the ball, try to time your swing perfectly so your bat will hit the ball into the air. If you manage to do everything correctly, you will hit the selected target and earn some points. If your timing is not good, you will miss the ball and it will be a strike. Each level has a specific amount of points that have to be earned to unlock a new level. Complete all 9 innings to unlock a special bonus level, the Grand Slam! Let’s see if you can hit all backyard targets.

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