Baseball for Clowns


baseball for clownsDo you like baseball and physics games? Then you will love this title! In the Baseball for Clowns game online, you become a batter and your goal is to shoot the ball at clowns to score points. There are many different objects in the game such as walls and tires, they can bounce the ball over obstacles. In each level, you will have only four balls available, use them to take down all the annoying clowns. Some of the levels are much easier than others and you will be able to use only one ball to complete them. However, most of the levels are extremely difficult and you may end up using all of the balls. But, don’t worry! If you ever fail, you can always restart without losing the progress. Use your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor around the screen to determine the power and trajectory of your shot. Click to swing your bat and launch the ball. Your current score is displayed at the top right, remaining balls at the bottom left.

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