Baseball Classic


baseball classicBaseball Classic is another baseball batting game online with realistic graphics and addicting gameplay. If you have enjoyed playing some other popular games on our website such as the 9th Inning Baseball and ESPN Arcade Baseball, you might want to check out this one as well. You become a batter whose mission is to launch balls and score points. Watch the pitcher as he performs a throw and swing your bat at the right moment to hit the ball. Try to predict the power and speed of the throw, so your swing won’t be too fast or too slow. If you miss the ball, it will be a strike. If you miss three times, it’s a strike out and the game is over! You will earn points after each successful hit depending on the distance of your shot. You can see your current score and top 10 scores after each match. Try to beat your top score by aiming as precisely as you can. How many points can you score in this cool online game called Baseball Classic?

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