Baseball Bat


baseball batBaseball Bat is a simple batting game online in which you will be able upgrade your skills. Watch the power meter on the top of the screen and tap anywhere to set the power of your shot. Try to hit the sweet spot in the middle by tapping at the right moment. If you manage to hit the ball perfectly, it will fly farther away and you will score more points. You will earn cash depending on the distance of your shot. As you start earning more cash later in the game, you can spend it for various upgrades. You can improve your batting power, money generation, etc. Additionally, you can also buy ball multiplier and audience. All of these upgrades will increase your earning speed. Each upgrade has its level and price tag. Higher level upgrades are much more expensive than lower level. So, you should always buy cheaper upgrades first, before you will be able to afford the more expensive ones. How far can you shoot the ball?

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