Baseball Games Online

Baseball Games Online are free browser games for kids that you can play on your PC and mobile phone. These sports games are unblocked for school and no download is required! You will find dozens of super cool baseball games online at Would you like to become a pitcher and train your throwing skills? Or maybe your favorite position is being a batter and you would like to improve your ball-hitting techniques? No problem! There is a possibility to choose from multiple categories of baseball games, so you can have a perfect experience. We even offer some baseball match games, where you will have a chance to manage your team and guide them to victory. In a free baseball game online, you can control your player using your mouse and keyboard. Swing your bat and try to hit the ball as precisely as you can. Launch it as far as possible to prevent the catcher from getting it and score home runs. But remember, if you miss too many times, there will be a strike-out and the inning will be over! Run around the field, defend your bases, steal the ball and don't let the opposing team score points. Become the baseball champion!

Types of Baseball Games

At, you can choose from many different categories of baseball games online. The most popular category is ball batting games. In a batting game online, you take the role of a batter and your objective is to hit the incoming ball using your bat. Watch the pitcher and once he throws the ball, swing your bat and launch it into the air. Each batting game has different rules and controls, but it usually lets you move your player into directions and set the power and direction of your shot. Another popular category of baseball games online is called pitching games, they will let you become a pitcher. As opposed to a batter, a pitcher's goal is to throw the ball, so the batter can't hit it. Catching games are another type of baseball games. In a baseball catching game online, you become a catcher and your mission is to successfully catch the ball. Other than that, you can also play some additional types of free baseball games such as baseball match games and running games. The world's most famous baseball league is called the MLB (Major League Baseball). Play MLB games online and become one of the greatest baseball stars of all time!

Other Sports Like Baseball

You like playing baseball games online, right? Being a fan of baseball, you might also be interested in other popular team sports. Therefore, we are here to bring you the best online games in multiple different sports categories, which you can play for free in your browser! If you would like to play soccer or American football, you should definitely visit our Football Games site, where you will find hundreds of super fun football games. If you are more into basketball, just visit, where the greatest and the most addicting basketball games online are waiting for you! If you like skating on ice and some occasional fighting, then you will love our Free Hockey Games website, which offers a collection of the most awesome ice hockey games online. Maybe you are looking for something rougher? Play Rugby Games Online, run around the field, perform tackles and score drop kicks! There are so many great games inspired by popular collective team sports! You can play them anytime you want to and from any location possible like a school, college or even work! Let's play some baseball or other team sports and have lots of fun!