Baseball Smash


baseball smashBaseball Smash is another super cool batting baseball game online. Your mission is to smash as many objects as you can to score the highest number of points possible. Use the arrow in the middle of the screen to aim. The arrow length means how much power you put into the swing. Once you are ready, click using your left mouse button to swing your bat and launch the ball. Hit bonus targets to get more points. If you miss the pitch, it will be a strike. If you miss three times, it’s a strike-out and the game is over. The number of balls you have left is displayed at the bottom right. There are seven challenging levels, each of them offers different surroundings such as railroad, airport or downtown. You need to unlock them first to be able to play them. Score a specific amount of points in each of the levels to advance into the next one. Your overall score is shown in the levels menu. Let’s see how many objects you are able to smash.

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